Adapting to the Disruption

“Are you the friend of your plan, or are you the friend of the thing that disrupts your plan?
And I’d say you should work to become the friend of the thing that disrupts your plan, because there’s a lot of that…”

Jordan Peterson

Decisions and Clarity

I’ve been weighing between quite a few choices, possibilities and decisions lately.
Today I finally decided to sit and write them down, as they’d come, without really planning what I’d write, because otherwise that’s the point?

I sat down knowing and I simply needed to write, it’s sort of like talking to myself as if I were an external being that’s willing to listen and react to my truth or my bullshit.

The result was a sudden surge of clarity, a weirdly peaceful and comforting feeling.
The surprising part is that what I wrote goes against what my original plans had been calling for.

There are thing I’ve wanted to for long, that I’ve planned probably for years and that I’ve put in motion over the past year. It’s been amazing, but other variables have entered the world of this plan of mine.

Suddenly I realized that I was starting to accept that I’m not in the same situation I was when I started making those plans, I realized that my writing was me starting to accept the changes of life, changes that weren’t part of the plan but that also are not a bad thing, in fact, they might be a very good thing.

If I don’t adapt to life it (life) will still place me somewhere. I could accept and face the consequences of the surprising new place, or I could listed to the warnings of change and place myself somewhere by choice.


I heard the above quote a while ago and I saved it.
Right after finishing my writing I found it almost by accident, and it clicked immediately, it explained what I was living at that exact moment.

The quote is from a lecture by Jordan Peterson, I could only find this video with it:


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