Building a custom (mini) pipeline – part 1

First blog post in years! I need to update my site at some point, but I thought it’d be fun to document a little experiment I started┬árecently. Like the title says, the experiment and challenge is to build a little personal pipeline that can connect people remotely, I might use this with some friends. Basic […]

UPDATE: Graduation, new shot and webseries

GRAD… I haven’t posted anything since I finished the trailer of my film, and that was a very long time ago! A few things happened since then. First I finished the film, right on time, it had a good reaction from people and I am preparing it for submission to festivals, there are just a […]

Gradfilm Trailer

The trailer for my film is finally online!! check it out and give it a like if you like it ­čÖé The full film will be screened for the first time at the Rio theatre in Vancouver on May 5, for Emily Carr’s external grad show. ­čÖé Fernando

Foley Session

I am doing sound design for a friend of mine’s graduation film. A few weeks ago we had a foley session to make an earthquake for one of the scenes. We got pretty good results from it! What we did is to place a microphone under the drum and do what you see on the […]

Siggraph 2013 – Student Volunteer

This year I have been accepted to be a Team Leader at Siggraph in Anaheim. It was amazing news and I am extremely excited about it! I went to Los Angeles last year to be a Student Volunteer, it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had, I met people from all around the […]

Christmas Rigs

I’m on a little break from school but I couldn’t not open Maya as I told myself to, so I decided to make a little christmas image with the rigs I have used since I started animating. I’m missing the bouncing ball and the whip, but they will join the group later. Merry christmas to […]

Animation Test Blocking

This is an animation test I’m doing for my character Huesos. It’s taking longer than I thought for a rig test, but I might not polish it since it’s not going to be in the film.

Concept Art

┬á This is the original concept art for my film “Toy Maker”, the idea has changed but this image is still a good idea of what the film is going to look like. I owe huge credit to Elena Ciolacu, she is responsible for the craftsmanship of the image. You can see more of her […]