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** Due to film festival submissions my latest sound work isn’t uploaded yet, but it will be posted here soon! (Jan 2014)


This is a sound assignment I did a while ago, the video was given to us in class and we had to put sound to it. The music and the whole sound treatment was done by me. I used Pro Tools 9 and Logic Pro.


This is a piece of music that I did for a graduation film at Emily Carr. I was given this previz video to work with during production.

The film is called Wind Up, directed by Julie Liu.

I used Logic Pro with a midi keyboard to record everything.


This is a test I did for another short film, in the end I couldn’t finish the whole score because they needed quicker but it was fun to do.

I used Garage Band and my mac’s keyboard to record it.


This is something I found in my computer recently. A friend of mine asked me to play something “pop” and I came up with this, it isn’t really pop and later I found out it sounds like a piece from Ludovico Einaudi, but I liked the quality of it.

I used Logic Pro and a midi piano to record it.

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