Siggraph 2013 – Student Volunteer

Siggraph 2013 - Student Volunteer

This year I have been accepted to be a Team Leader at Siggraph in Anaheim. It was amazing news and I am extremely excited about it! I went to Los Angeles last year to be a Student Volunteer, it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had, I met people from all around the world with great talents and very promising careers and I made contacts that have been shaping my own career since that August. I’m expecting this year to be even better, and I’m getting ready for the taks of being a Team Leader.
I’m nervous, that’s for sure, but that just makes me want to give my best even more.

This is a picture that was posted on Facebook, it felt nice to see my name in there! (My full name is Omar Fernando Ortega Salgado, but I usually go by Fernando :> )



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