Christmas Rigs

I’m on a little break from school but I couldn’t not open Maya as I told myself to, so I decided to make a little christmas image with the rigs I have used since I started animating. I’m missing the bouncing ball and the whip, but they will join the group later. Merry christmas to […]

Animation Test Blocking

This is an animation test I’m doing for my character Huesos. It’s taking longer than I thought for a rig test, but I might not polish it since it’s not going to be in the film.

Concept Art

  This is the original concept art for my film “Toy Maker”, the idea has changed but this image is still a good idea of what the film is going to look like. I owe huge credit to Elena Ciolacu, she is responsible for the craftsmanship of the image. You can see more of her […]