Toy Maker’s progress

I’ve been stuck in my film for the last few days, but a week ago I did some great progress, I was able to take my both character to almost be finished, leaving only small issues to fix and I modelled a lot of props and the set. One of the character that I spent the most time with is Huesos, the reaper in the film, the rig is still not completely working but I can get some good poses and movement with him, which is already a big step. Now I just have to deal with some weighting issues… 

Here are three poses that I did to test the rig:



And a little crazy pose I did to test the stretchiness, I think it’s working pretty well! 


I still need to rig the face, and deal with the weighting issues, but that should go fast now. 

To rig the character I used Rapid Rig, it was very helpful and fast to use–2

I hope things move faster from now on!

You can check my production blog if you want to know a bit more about the film. I have not updated in a long time, but I will try to upload all the new work this week to keep track of the progress. 

Here is the blog:



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